Made in Translation

This collaborative project is between makers, artists, designers and writers at Manchester School of Art and Manchester Writing School, in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at Manchester Metropolitan University. The Portico Library’s collection of books provides the...

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Painting into Textile: Inspired by Michael Kidner

A one-day exhibition at Flowers Gallery, London marks the culmination of a project where textiles have been created in response to the works of Michael Kidner. Kidner was at the forefront of Optical Art in the 1960s, with works using repeated systematic structures and...

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Significant Stitch This exhibition shows contemporary works by staff and students at Manchester School of Art made in response to the Gawthorpe Textiles Collection. Gawthorpe’s Textile Collection includes 30,000 pieces,...

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Place at the Table

Place at the Table is a project challenging categorizations of craft with Kettle as curator and artist. The project presented craft as social, functional, relational, performative and for its material character.  The project had multiple strands was curated by myself,...

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Pairings Conversations and Collaborations acknowledges both uniqueness and togetherness. The intention is to create dialogue between makers and material in order to learn and understand an alternative perspective and reflect back on one’s own. This exhibition brings...

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Making It

Making It: A celebration of craft and community in Winchester Winchester Discovery centre, Winchester 12-14 October 2012 A multi stranded celebration of making and creativity which takes place in Winchester and reveals how craft and the process of making is central to...

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Pairings II

Conversations & Collaborations’ April 28 –May 27 2012 Museum in the Park
GL5 4AF   Images of new collaborative work with Jane Webb and David Gates   Alice Kettle November 2011 Pairings II Conversations and Collaborations is a simple thought; to celebrate uniqueness...

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