The Turnpike Gallery, Leigh
16th September – 26th October 1989

The work of contemporary textile artists bears little relation to the traditional concept of the embroiderers and textile artists of the past. Imaginative use of mixed media (including thread, paper, dyes, paint, metals, and organic materials) in each of the eleven artists whose work has been selected for this exhibition are combined with a fascinating diversity of response to personal interests in places, people, or events as starting points from which work has developed, creating a contrasting variety of imagery and textural surfaces. Stitch is the unifying element, but whereas some artists use it to create form , others use it as a device to compliment form. In some textile pieces, materials have been manipulated into three dimensional objects, in others into highly structured work with complex geometric layers. In contrast to this are pieces where form and texture have been developed in an intuitive manner, growing organically as materials are combined. All eleven artists have exhibited internationally and many of the works on show have been made especially for this exhibition.

The exhibition showcases work from Louise Baldwin, Polly Binns, Hilary Bower, Julia Caprara, Jean Davey Winter, Jean Draper, Myriam Gilby, Alice Kettle, Janet Ledsham, Geraldine Ormonde, Atsuko Yamamoto.

The 62 Group Textile Artists
The 62 Group of Textile Artists was formed in November 1962 by a small group of artists and designers using embroidery as an art form, who wanted to promote and encourage a high standard of work by British craftsmen. the initial aims of the 62 Group were to provide the necessary stimulus for the newly qualified embroiderer/textile artist to continue to work and develop by the provision of regular exhibitions in Great Britain and abroad; to promote embroidery and textiles as an art form, and to develop the standard of teaching of embroidery in schools, colleges, and in further education. It is an independent body run by the members for the members.