Alexandra Palace, London.
7 – 10 October 2004

In order to mark their interest for Embroidery as artistic expression, Pfaff is promoting the exhibition ‘Art Embroidery – A Wide Focus on New Territories.’ It is the first exhibition entirely dedicated to art embroidery exclusively made by sewing machine.
‘Art Embroidery – A Wide Focus on New Territories’ is an exhibition of original works created by artists from 16 countries representing the five continents: surface design, installations and fibre sculptures, wearables/unwearables, and miniatures are showing the endless diversity of works that an artist can create with a sewing machine (for example: by free-motion embroidery or software).
For this exhibition, some of the world’s most renowned fibre artists as well as new ones have explored themes, formats, materials, with a special dedication to presentation of their pieces. The sizes of these works, large ones as well as miniatures, give a variable special perception based on a distant or focused point.
‘Art Embroidery – A Wide Focus on New Territories’ has been offered as a space of freedom to the chosen artists, who were able to create a new work specially for the exhibition, or to propose one of their works already made, the most representative of their art.