Alexandra Palace, London.
13-16 October 2005

Art Embroidery Portrait Gallery is an exhibition of original works, selected from the Pfaff Art Embroidery Challenge 2005, an international competition for embroidered works of art created entirely by sewing machine. This competition, open to all, motivated 108 participants from 22 countries all over the world to send in their dossier. Each participant was able to submit two works ad we received 134 entries. A two-step selection process was used to select firstly the works featured in the exhibition and secondly the three winners of the Pfaff Art Embroidery Challenge 2005.

First Prize
Alice Kettle’s (UK) ‘Here Comes the Moon’ – an invocation – has links to the great tradition of tapestry. It is strong enough to suggest rather than describe. Its focus on a group of individuals, rather than a single portrait, is very effective. These figures appear vulnerable, fragile – connected by a thread. The work invites our thoughts and dreams, and like good poetry, engages our minds and hearts.