Candida Stevens Gallery

Alice Kettle, Textile, Cecilia Charlton, Textile, Anthony Stevens, Textile, Suzanne Knight, Textile, Claire Curneen, Ceramic, Oriel Zinaburg, Ceramic

All six artists have made new work for the fair and have written about their personal connection to the oceans, the theme that connects the work in this presentation.  Cecilia Charlton has been a free diver in her past, and was keen to explore how the movement of water and light effects of the sub acqua experience could be translated in embroidery and weavings, depicting how the solid and liquid elements found in the ocean constantly influence eachother. Alice Kettle has for many years made work associated with the oceans, of most relevance, a residency in Madeira working with women in the community whose lives revolve around the ocean, from whence the Sea Figure works shown here originate. For Anthony Stevens the ocean has long been one of the metaphors that he uses in his work to refer to the continuum and circularity of life, what goes out must come in, he has made a series of flags to symbolise being lost and found. For Suzanne Knight, with her focus on climate change, it is the plastics that pollute that she was making when I discovered her work that we show. Clare Curneen has made a Siren, the mythical sea creature who lures sailors as they pass with their beautiful voice. Oriel Zinaburg’s work expresses the organic forms, both solid and fluid, found in the oceans. Inspired by landscape and geology he explores the beauty in imperfection and irregularity.