GOOD NATURE A celebration of the natural world
16 September – 28 October 2017

31 Contemporary British Artists make one piece of work in response to GOOD NATURE
Candida Stevens Gallery

Once a year the Gallery commissions a major exhibition of new work based on a concept or theme of our time. This autumn GOOD NATURE will be a celebration of our planet, its beauty and its fragility and the essential part we all play in preserving it.

Curator, Candida Stevens says “I have chosen to bring together these artists, writers and designers to concentrate our thoughts around the planet at a moment when its beauty and fragility are deeply affected by our treatment and explorations of it. I want to see how artists and thinkers will respond to this important theme. The show is curated to be a thoughtful and probing look at us and our place in the natural environment. I hope too that it will create positive reactions from those who come to see the work and want to make changes for the long term conservation of our world ”