by Alice Kettle, Insa Langhorst, Huw Wahl
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“Craft can offer methods of enquiry, can transform modes of learning in schools and can teach us to examine how we live in a material world.”

In October 2012 the Making It project brought crafts makers, educators and the general public together in a three day event of workshops, live demonstrations and talks that was buzzing with energy. This entertaining and scholarly interactive book by Alice Kettle, with co-authors Insa Langhorst and Huw Wahl, takes Making it as a starting point but goes beyond. In the first chapter, The Journey of Material Change, ten participants at Making It and other makersshare writings, sound clips and videos in which they discuss their work and their making practice, with illustrations of work, of installations and of their workshops.  The five contributed sections in the second chapter, Talking about Making, discuss the context of making. They look at the teaching and learning of craft, the championing of making through organisations and the personal connection with the spiritual self, and they reflect current debates on the relevance of craft.

Making Stories is generously illustrated in multimedia and has an extensive bibliography, and will be valuable for makers, collectors, educators and researchers. The section divider pages feature new drawings by the authors. Contributors include Professor Guy Claxton, Lynne Dick, Chris Drury, Deirdre Figueiredo MBE, Matthew Partington, Pamela Hardesty and Professor Bill Lucas.