The Octagon, Bath
20 – 25 April 2010.

Selected by Carole Waller, this group of artists is an eclectic one reflecting Carole’s involvement and deep commitment to the creative ideas behind contemporary textiles and her parallel interest in the work of fine artists. Each artist, designer, and maker in this rich selection reflects their own passion in an individual way and responds here to the special, secluded space. They include the lyrical machine-stitched textiles of Alice Kettle: an artist using contemporary embroidery to translate her delicate paintings into wall pieces; Matthew Harris’ tactile hangings which exploit a personal notation used to stitch and piece the cloth together; and Tim Parry-Williams’ exquisite woven hangings that express a sensibility for weave mastered during the time he spent in Japan.

The exhibition spans a wide field from architectural and interior installations to wearable art and stylish clothes. Carole’s very personal choice, encompassing traditional techniques alongside contemporary interactive and reworked pieces, celebrates diversity.