Place at the Table is a project challenging categorizations of craft with Kettle as curator and artist. The project presented craft as social, functional, relational, performative and for its material character.  The project had multiple strands was curated by myself, Victoria Brown from The University of Chichester, Constance Laisne, Mark Segal from theartistsagency and Simon Martin from Pallant House Gallery

. It included an extraordinary \’provoked\’ meal (Nov 2014) at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester; craft interventions in Pallant House townhouse (Nov 2014-Jan 2015); solo installation titled Odyssey by Alice Kettle (Oct 2014- April 2015), a lecture by Alice Kettle (March 2015), and film by Dr Shirley Chubb. A performative work by Kettle was presented at MMU, Opsio (Sept 2015), Crossing Contexts at Nordic Summer University conference, Lithuania (July 2015). It also appeared in Feast journal