Manchester Metropolitan University
18 August – 14 November 2008

Helen Felcey and Alice Kettle
Research and collaboration in places and pieces, ceramics and stitch.
Helen Felcey is a ceramicist known for delicate and distinctive unglazed bone china tablewares; Alice Kettle is a textile artist known for expressive embroideries and machine stitched artworks dealing with psychological and mythological themes.
In 2007, both completed projects with very distinct outcomes. Alice Kettle was commissioned to create a major public artwork, Looking Forwards to the Past, for the Winchester Discovery Centre. Helen Felcey’s residency at the Jingdezhen Experimental Factory in China culminated in a solo show, Two Rooms, at the Chinese European Arts Centre in Xiamen.
This exhibition documents the research and working processes behind these projects. However, in the course of mounting it, conversations between the artists and between their works have brought to light shared concerns. From these “conversations” new collaborative work has been created which marks a new phase in the work of both artists and has resulted in some extraordinary pieces, which bring together two distinct areas of practice and two distinct characters.