A residency at Australia National University, Canberra Sept/Oct 2015 with Dr Amanda Ravetz


Reverie and Enchantment

A website and blog about Alice Kettle‘s and Amanda Ravetz‘s research residency at ANU art school, September to October 2014.

The research built up to, and reflected upon, a 3 day workshop on the theme of Gesture, Reverie and Enchantment (see pages under Craftlab for more details on this).

The workshop comes out of our research into these areas, in Alice’s case as an artist working in textiles and stitch; and in Amanda’s, as a visual anthropologist.

Prior to the three-day Craftlab we developed our own shared ‘making space’ using drawing as a shared language. The posts on our progress can be seen on the pages under the tab called ANU Residency. After the workshop we took the learning from the workshop back into our ongoing research practice.

The workshop participants were textiles staff and students from the ANU art school; visiting artists; and visiting scholars with experience of, or an interest in, visual anthropology. The purpose of the lab was to explore these different states of being and physicality as they pertain to craft and making. The Lab included periods of making, reflection, discussion and documentation, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the internal and external processes of art making.