Erotic Cloth Invitation finalYou are invited to a colloquium

THE EROTIC CLOTH: Seduction and Fetishism


Convenors: Professor Lesley Millar (UCA) and Alice Kettle (MMU)

Where: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT

When: 10 am – 5.30 pm, March 20th 2015.

From the beautiful cloth which is quietly suggestive, to the bold expressions of sexuality, cloth is a

message carrier for both desiring and being desired. Cloth offers those ‘porous, reversible, intimate

atmospheres that can be transformative’ as described by Giuliana Bruno. The materiality of cloth allows

for the nuanced, rather than direct, reading of the body: the shape beneath, the space between, the

haptic narrative. Cloth in motion, the sound and smell of cloth. In our liaisons with cloth we become

Other since, as in a second skin, we can play out the disguises of the idealized form, and the imaginary

of our hidden selves.


The Colloquium ‘The Erotic Cloth’ will consider the ways in which the qualities of cloth to seduce, conceal and reveal have been investigated and exploited in art.. Presentations are from different practices and in different formats: dance, film, art, fashion, installation, illusion and performance, each playing out the seduction of cloth. They will consider the explicit and the delicately suggestive, the lingering eye, and the textures of sensation; the aesthetics of cloth to excite or indeed disturb.

A light lunch plus morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided.

Early booking is advised as places will be limited due to available space.


Colloquium Fee: £35

There are a limited number of student places at £15; these will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

NB only one ticket per booking. Cancellations before March 1st 2015 full refund, after March 1st 2015 no refund.


The Erotic Cloth is a collaboration between the International Textile Research Centre, University for the Creative Arts and MIRIAD Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

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Caroline Bayliss:

Textual Textiles – Undressing Anne Lister

Samantha Broadhead:

Transgressive Touch: The fetishizing of cloth in Hitchcock’s  Rebecca (1940)

Catherine Dormer:

Caressing Cloth: the warp and weft as site of exchange

Catherine Harper:

The shirt off your back, Jack, James and Bobby

Nigel Hurlstone:

Textiles and Politics: Guilt and Pleasure-the transposition of the historical image

Claire Jones:

A Perverted Taste: Italian depictions of Cloth and Puberty in mid-19th century marble’
Ali Khan & Farida Ali:

Beyond the Mat: Deciphering Eroticism in the Over-the-top Aesthetics of Professional wrestling
Angela Maddock:

Always in the Act of Becoming: Folds, Scissors and Cleavage in Giovanni Battista Moroni’s Il Tagliapanni

Masako Matsushita:

Bruna Petreca et al:

Articulating Our Tactile Experience With Textiles: Undisciplined Conversations On The Unspoken
Brigitte Stockton:

Kink in the classroom: pedagogy and erotic clothing
Georgina Williams:

Curvatures of Cloth: ‘The Heart of True Eroticism’ in Serpentine Dance
Grace A Williams:

Perception in the Folds: The Requirement of Having a Body


Plus video presentations from:

Louise Adkins:

Windmills of Your Mind

Sharon McElroy:

A Man Of The Cloth

Les R.mond:

Pont des Arts Paris

Liz Rideal:

Erotic Cloth