Artists Eleanor Mulhearn, Alison Duddle, and Alice Kettle, with writer Jenna C. Ashton, have collaborated to create the experimental travelling artwork, the House of Opposites.

The work draws inspiration from artist Leonora Carrington’s painting, The House Opposite (1945), and from collective memories of the childhood dollhouse, which combined, have evolved into this exhibition.

The installation consists of various parts. There is a ‘house-container’, a collection of curious objects, film and spare-parts with peephole spaces. The container, once opened, grows haphazardly outwards into the surrounding space. This work reframes the small-world ordering and tidying of the child’s dollhouse into a site of action, in which a strange family of humans, animals and hybrids exist, engaged in bizarre and beguiling personal relationships and narratives.

Ever evolving, the work is created specifically for new sites, expanding the miniature world to life-scale, where the viewer will encounter various intimate spaces, replete with props, new narratives, projections, sound and performing puppets