HOUSE OF OCTAVERSILIA is a practical, creative and working 4-week artist residency at AirSpace Gallery, leading to a finished artwork / installation which will form a central part of USE AND ORNAMENT – a group exhibition – our partner activity with the British Ceramics Biennial, 2021. The residency will see Artist Collective INSIDEOUTSIDEHOUSEworking with local community groups, AirSpace studio artists and members of the general public to co-create the final installation.

note: OCTAVERSILIA is a portmanteau – an invented name derived from two imagined cities – Octavia and Ersilia found in Italo Calvino texts from the novel, Invisible Cities. OCTAVERSILIA alludes to multi-stranded concerns around fragility, repair, ecology, change, movement and travel…

The residency will draw on these texts, together with a gathering of memories, hopes, ideas and dreams from our participatory workshops, generated through making with diverse materials, objects, conversations, creative writing, film and sound.

This approach will also enable the re-use, reclaiming and re-imagining of the materials we hold around us in the everyday. In this way, our proposal thematically connects with the residency themes; recovery, respite and refuge, alchemical processes, a space for encounter, the future city.

InsideOutsideHouse aim to create an installation of an imagined space of hopes, ideas and dreams for the people of Stoke, populated with figures, sound and projection.

12, 13, 17, 19 & 25 AUGUST, 2021
(Contact AirSpace for details of how to join in)

PART ONE – creative workshops in two parts, using clay, textiles, wood, shadow projection, archive materials, objects and creative writing processes

WORLD WITHIN WORLDS PART 1: Past and present
person, place, memory, spirit
12 August, 11am-4pm
Making: clay, textiles, wood, projection, with conversations.

hopes, ideas, dreams, spirit
13 August, 11am-4pm
Writing: Conversations and creative writing processes and production, inspired by Italo Calvino texts from Invisible Cities (1972) and community contributions.
Conclude: with a mini-installation of the work produced across the two workshops.

PART TWO – audio workshops, to generate recordings of creative writing and voice, which would become part of a layered soundscape to be integrated into the final exhibition

spoken word development / creative writing
17 August: 11am-3pm

audio recording (am) and field recording (pm)
19 August: 11am-4pm

PART THREE – Rounding up

25 August, 11am-12pm
a one hour session in the final week of the residency, a live discussion of the work in progress and exploration of how the making of the whole work is developing, by sharing material practices and approaches that are emerging through the collective, together with the community participatory work.