You are invited to contribute to a major artwork project!

see info here:

Everyone and all ages welcome.

For the exhibition Hear My Voice, Portraits in Cloth May – Aug 2025

at the RWA gallery in Bristol with Alice Kettle

Alice is making a monumental work with portraits by you to make a crowd of people. Your drawings will be embroidered by Alice to make a huge multitude.


  • On an A5 piece of paper, draw a simple drawing of yourself or of someone you know or a group of friends or family.
  • Do not include too much detail, keep it graphic. It can be an outline with simple blocks of colour.
  • It can be just a head. It can be the whole person. They can be holding or wearing something important.
  • It doesn’t need to be a likeness, just an impression. Don’t worry about doing a good drawing!
  • You can do as many as you want!


  • Take a photo of the drawing.
  • If you chose write your first name on the work (do not include your full name)
  • Send to this address:


  • Alice will scan your drawing and stitch a reproduction onto the artwork.
  • She may change some of the details and colours or use it more than once.
  • Your drawings will be included on a screen next to the textile artwork in the exhibition.

Alice will have a pop-up drawing table at Frome Museum 10-12pm on Sunday 4th August 2024.