Women In Art Fair, London

Candida Stevens

The Mall Galleries , London

11 October 2023 to 14 October 2023

Women in Art Fair is a new initiative dedicated to redressing the gender imbalance in the art industry.

WIAF ’s mission is to create a positive global platform from which female
artists, curators and gallerists are given an opportunity to show their
work, and contribute to the developing exchange of ideas around gender, sexuality and culture.





Arnolfini welcomes you to discover Threads, a major exhibition featuring 21 contemporary international artists and makers, who use textiles as their chosen medium.

Celebrating material and making, these artists use the storytelling power of textiles to connect with past traditions, find commonalities between cultures, time and place, and to ‘breathe stories into materials’.*

Threads encompasses processes of weaving and spinning, rug-making, stitching and embroidery, print, knit, threading, mending and found materials, with materials and techniques handed down, reused and reinvented.

Co-curated by leading textile artist Alice Kettle, Threads weaves throughout Arnolfini’s three floors, to reveal how textiles ‘remember’**, how memory is ‘embedded within the process of making’*** and how new narratives are created.

Creature Comforts

JGM Gallery https://www.jgmgallery.com/exhibitions/forthcoming/

9th Nov – 23Jan 2023

The idea for Creature Comforts initially came about after a conversation between myself and Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, the Director of JGM Gallery. We were discussing quilts; handmade, traditional, enchanting. Their allure was not only their tessellating, colourful designs but, on a more basic level, the amount of intricate, tender care that was required in their construction. I remembered seeing a show of Gee’s Bend quilts and being blown away by their complexity, but also by the way the artists re-used everyday textiles like denim trousers and imbued them with immense value.


As we reminisced about these quilts, Jennifer and I decided that a textile show would be a great way of showcasing remarkable talent, whilst also examining the medium’s complex context in relation to history, gender and notions of value. Intrinsically, I think textiles are comforting. They are soft, and we usually wrap ourselves in them, or sit on them. They have been fundamental to human life since the beginning of civilisation; they furnish our dwellings and they keep us warm and comfortable. And yet these tenderly woven, embroidered, hand-knitted surfaces have been used to showcase a myriad of apocalyptic events. The Bayeux Tapestry details the battle of Hastings in 1066. The Unicorn Tapestries, quietly resting in the Met Cloisters, presents us with a disturbing and perplexing hunt for a mythological beast. The Apocalypse Tapestries in Angers, with its delicate fibres contorted into biblical scenes.  The violence of these masterpieces never ceases to shock me.


Creature Comforts explores these multifaceted aspects of textiles; of comfort, chaos and conflict.

From one side, we have comfort; immensely tender quilts, hand stitched and stuffed with hay, and hanging tufted sculptures of blissful pastels. We see embroidered images of the everyday and woven stools, hand spun and hand-dyed. They are lovingly made and reinvigorate local craft traditions.


We have chaos: strange, plushie dog-like creatures clambering out of the pillar and embroidered Korean “Dokkaebi” spirits breathing life into old gloves and socks.  On the walls, there are cross-stitched  abstractions and tufted rugs of mystifying, otherworldly scenes.


And lastly, conflict, appearing in the woven and knitted tapestries, harbingers of something sinister. Whether it is a mysterious threat, an internal, mental conflict or the suffocating feeling of impending environmental disaster, the soft appeal of the tapestry pulls one into its madness. The exhibition traverses the endless playful possibilities of the medium and the ways in which its 14 artists embrace and play with its expectations.


– Written by Karolina Dworska (Curator of Creature Comforts)